Science is at the heart of our DNA

Our platform is continuously enriched through scientific advances so that the data helps you make the best decisions, both at the human and operational level.

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Designed in partnership with a university hospital specialising in occupational health, Wittyfit is based on the human sciences. The platform captures the emotional state of your teams: stress, energy levels, engagement, etc. The things that employees are satisfied and dissatisfied with emerge over the course of the questions. The information is summarised in a dashboard and serves to guide the manager’s priorities.

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A public-private partnership with the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital

The platform is continuously enriched through science, and Wittyfit is committed to advancing research in the human sciences on a daily basis. A scientific research protocol on occupational health has been published internationally in a database validated by the WHO.


Wittyfit is the only human factorsmanagement solution for business

We give businesses the means to capture the essentials: from the feelings of employees, to levers of engagement, and the ideas and actions necessary for the lasting transformation of their organisation.

How does that work in practice?

Wittyfit captures feelings and, through the questions, identifies the real causes. A precise and reliable diagnosis, which makes it possible to understand and act collectively on the factors of well-being at work. More than a tool, it is an approach that engages the whole company in a virtuous loop of continuous improvement.

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