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You won’t be left alone to face your data, Wittyfit supports you at every step to allow you to identify and manage the human factors in your company.

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Each of our clients benefits from personalised support with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Their role is to understand your reality on the ground, and to provide you with the best possible technological and human response. In addition to offering an innovative solution, our experts provide support throughout your user journey.

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Modularity of the tool and the support service in:

  • Definition of performance indicators
  • Campaign settings
  • Support on internal communication
  • On-boarding of project teams
  • Tailor-made training (tools, HR, etc.)
  • Project monitoring
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Wittyfit is the only solution for human factorsmanagement system for business

We give businesses the means to capture the essentials: from the feelings of employees, to levers of engagement, and the ideas and actions necessary for the lasting transformation of their organisation.

An increase in the skills of your managers

Managers have a strategic role in organisations. They embody the company’s vision and must engage their teams on a daily basis in order to bring it to life. The closes person to ground level, the manger is also the point of contact for gathering the needs and expectations of employees. Managers are the vector for company transformation. Wittyfit is a tool that will allow them to save time and improve efficiency. The onboarding is fundamental in this process.

We offer specific support for managers:

  • Support in getting started with the tool
  • Reading the first results
  • Training workshops
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An ecosystem of HR partners to accelerate your transformation

Wittyfit relies on a whole network of HR partners to help you develop your working methods and managerial practices.

  • Support (training/coaching)
  • Change management
  • Organisational consultancy
  • Strategic HR advice
  • Social dialogue
  • PSRs
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