Success is a team journey

The WITTYFIT platform allows you to measure, analyse and, above all, act collectively on the job satisfaction and stress levels of your teams.

More than a platform, a process

WITTYFIT is the only QWL engagement and management platform entirely conceived and designed with a University Hospital (CHU) specialising in occupational health.

Our method of capturing perceptions is reliable and completely anonymous. A true decision-making tool, our collaborative platform guides you every day in your management practices and your transformation management.

WITTYFIT makes every employee a participant in their own success and that of the company.

which gets all employees on board ...

Make the right diagnosis

In order to transform itself, the company needs to understand team obstacles and engagement levers. Our solution allows each employee to measure their job satisfaction and stress level, but also to position themselves in relation to others.

Freedom to speak

Your employees are in the best position to make proposals for improvements. They can do this at any time in their personal area. The guarantee of anonymity encourages expression.

Give meaning to employees by involving them

By communicating regularly, employees contribute to the continuous improvement of their QWL and actively participate in the success of the company. Their role in the organisation has meaning. They are aware of their impact, empowered, they grow.

and guide operational managers on a daily basis ...

Get an overview

Each manager clearly visualises the subjects that impact their team, positively or negatively. They can then act on the basis of the reality of what their employees are experiencing.

Putting managers at the heart of your transformation

Their role is central, they encourage the expression of needs and expectations and give life to their team’s proposals. Together, they build the action plans needed for collective performance. Managers, those closest to the field, become one of the vehicles of transformation.

... as well as Top Management in their strategic choices.

Thanks to the platform you know where and how to take action

WITTYFIT puts the entire company at the heart of the transformation process. A collaborative approach that questions management on important topics, including strategy, and empowers everyone as regards the success of the business.

WITTYFIT supports you in all your transformations

Whether it is a structural, cultural, or managerial transformation, our fully modular platform can adapt to the context of your business and your needs.

WITTYFIT is also

An idea box

View proposals from your employees according to the themes of the questionnaires and their popularity among staff (number of “likes”).

Pulse survey editor

Create customised surveys to explore your themes, prepare changes or simply interact with your team.

Forum dedicated to managers

Share and exchange your best practices anonymously with the entire management community.


Wittyfit contains a set of measures integrated from the design stage to guarantee the confidentiality of each user with regards to his company as well as Wittyfit.

Action planner

Launch targeted improvement actions that are automatically evaluated and access all actions, by theme, that have a positive effect.

Psychosocial Risk Document

Edit the updated RD on request, on the functional unit, the site or any other population of your choice.

Managers' toolbox

See all your team’s evaluations, ideas and the actions taken on the same page, theme by theme.

Evaluation of Soft Skills

Compare your vision of your Soft Skills with your team’s and the company’s.

Wittyfit and Occupational Medicine

If your company benefits from internal Occupational Health, you can give them access to your teams’ ‘”well-being” data (only group averages) in order to allow them to target their preventative actions with regards to stress, muscle pain, psychosocial risk, behavioural habits, etc.

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