WITTYFIT, above all a human adventure

At the origin of WITTYFIT was a meeting of people from very different backgrounds, driven by the same convictions.


In 1977 the most tragic air accident in the history of aviation took place in Tenerife. The investigation demonstrated the critical role of “human factors” in flight safety. Following this observation, the International Civil Aviation Organization put in place the first training courses on “Human factors and the management of team resources”. Today, these courses are at the heart of the continuous training of pilots, aircrew and maintenance services, with the success that we have seen as regards safety and the quality of work achieved by the industry.

Samuel Dewavrin

Former airline pilot, co-founder of WITTYFIT

For more than 10 years, Samuel was trained in and handled the challenges of taking human factors into account in team management. Identifying risks and organising the work of the crew calmly in order to maintain a high level of performance and safety in all situations, is a prerequisite for a career as a pilot. In a discipline where quality of work is vital, understanding human factors and their implications for team performance is critical.

Thomas Cornet

Former Deputy Director of a health insurance company, co-founder of WITTYFIT

Thomas spent 15 years in the health insurance market. He was behind an internal project that established a link between sport and professional achievement. His research led him to Canada, a pioneering country in the field. There he discovered a movement called “Sport-Health in the workplace”, with very committed actions on the ground to improve the quality of working life.

L'histoire de WITTYFIT

The meeting

It was during a meeting between the two men in 2014 that the idea was born. Thomas told Samuel about his current mission and the positive correlation observed between employee well-being and corporate performance, but with no precise method of measuring results. Samuel, in turn, explained the daily consideration of human factors in his profession. They shared an observation: whereas a pilot has indicators capable of providing all the information necessary for the proper operation of the flight and decision-making, there is no equivalent in the business world.

They decided to develop a tool that could reliably measure the impact of human factors on business success.

L'histoire de WITTYFIT

The science at the heart of WITTYFIT’S DNA

Professor Frédéric DUTHEIL, Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine at the University Hospital (CHU) of Clermont-Ferrand and a National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) researcher on well-being/physiological and psychosocial stress

Professor Dutheil was chosen for his advanced expertise in human sciences and occupational medicine. WITTYFIT took shape in 2015 after a long joint research and development effort. This was followed by the creation of a platform capable of measuring job satisfaction and stress levels in real time. “Capturing feelings to act more quickly”, was an objective shared with the CHU of Clermont-Ferrand right from the beginning of the adventure.

Our mission

“In a constantly changing world, our mission is to support organisations in their transformation. We develop innovative and efficient tools to allow companies to focus on what is most important: their teams.”

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