Managing the employee experience

Wittyfit assists Human Resources, Management and Employees in their common goal of improving the Employee Experience.

Give your employees a voice

Based on scientific reports, our questionnaires are adapted to the business world in order to provide operational information to managers. They are regularly reassessed with our scientific partner in order to adapt to the issues encountered.

Better understand your team

Each manager clearly visualises the subjects that positively or negatively impact his team. He can then take astute action, based on the reality of the experience of his teams. He has the chance to implement, follow and share with his employees the proposals for action that he receives. This totally anonymous dashboard gives him a simple but complete view of the feelings of his teams.

Measure the impact of your actions

Each manager receives real-time feedback on the expectations and needs of his team in order to be able to act in collaboration with the team to implement improvement actions.

But also

Idea box

View the proposals from your employees classified according to the questionnaire themes and their popularity among employees (number of “likes”).

Survey editor

Create customised surveys to explore your themes, prepare changes or simply interact with your team.

Forum dedicated to managers

Exchange and share your best practices anonymously with the company’s entire management community.


Wittyfit contains a set of measures integrated from the design stage to guarantee the confidentiality of each user in relation to his company as well as Wittyfit.

Action planner

Launch targeted improvement actions that are automatically evaluated and access all actions, by theme, that have had a positive effect.

PSR document

Edit the updated PSR document on request, on the functional unit, the site or any other segment of your choice.

Manager's toolbox

See, theme by theme, all your team’s evaluations, ideas and actions carried out on one page.

Evaluation of Soft Skills

Compare your vision of your Soft Skills with that of your team and the company.

Wittyfit and Occupational Health

If your company benefits from an internal Occupational Health department, you can give it access to your teams’ “wellness” data (only group averages) in order to allow it to target its preventive activities: stress, muscle aches, PSR, behavioural habits, etc.

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