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A managerial transformation platform to support innovation

66% of your employees are thinking of leaving you

The cause: inadequate management! With Wittyfit, your managers are better equipped to face the daily HR challenges and improve their management practices. A dashboard allows them to identify and deal with human issues on an ongoing basis. A rue managerial management platform, Wittyfit gives you the opportunity to measure and take concrete action. Your managerial transformation begins now!

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Visualise your team's satisfaction in real time

Wittyfit makes it possible to visualise the team’s priorities and address them in a collaborative way. Wittyfit is the only tool that uses scientific technology to capture the real feelings of employees and identify the root causes. Thanks to a dashboard comprising a range of job satisfaction indicators, managers have clear view of the topics that are important to their teams. They can identify issues and prevent any potential crises. Each manager can moves forward in a more agile manner, knowing precisely where to lead the change.

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‘’ In this still uncertain period, the organisation of work is challenging. Wittyfit makes it possible to capture employees’ feelings and to act collectively in Test and Learn mode. A Remote Working Experience Indicator has been specifically developed to support companies in the best possible way in this area. ’’

Thomas Cornet – Co-founder – Wittyfit

Develop your managers' soft-skills

Companies are competing to recruit and train managers in new issues affecting the world of work. The ability to listen, collaborate and unite, knowing how to adapt, etc. Soft skills have become highly strategic for businesses. Wittyfit allows managers to work on their soft skills and to transform their managerial practices in the long term. The solution encourages the evaluation of managerial practices by employees in a constructive and confidential manner. Once the positive points and areas for improvement have been identified, management can aim to develop certain skills accordingly.

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Help your managers become leaders

The role of the manager is changing, moving from boss to collective leader. The Wittyfit platform responds to the needs of these new leaders. It provides the continuous link between teams and management. It provides real-time information on: the social climate, all the ideas put forward, the actions to be prioritised and the progress of satisfaction indicators over time. With Wittyfit, managers have the power to reinvent themselves. Thanks to feedback from their teams, sharing experiences with other managers, and action plans enabled by the application, management evolves in real time.

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We are by your side

To capture the feelings among your teams and guide managers in the best possible way during this challenging period. Wittyfit is by your side! Contact our experts to see how the platform can adapt to your HR challenges.

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HR dashboard

Benefit from continuous visibility on the main indicators related to your human resources. The platform offers you a global vision of your team's quality of working life and alerts you to weak signals.

HR support plan

Launch targeted improvement actions, automatically assess them, and access all the actions that have had a positive effect by theme. A tool that allows you to monitor and adapt your strategy.

Idea box

View your employees' proposals sorted according to the themes of the questionnaires, and their popularity with their colleagues (number of "likes"). The collaborative platform comes into its own.

Pulse Surveys

Create tailor-made surveys to get rapid responses, set up an action plan or get collective feedback on a HR topic. The transformation comes from within!

QWL diagnosis

Thanks to feelings being continuously captured, you have accurate information to act on. Disengagement, stress: the solution allows you to identify the risks and issues in order to adopt the right QWL approach.

Forum managers

Exchange and anonymously share your best practices with the entire management community of the company. Promote exchange and sharing of experiences.

Manager toolbox

Find all the evaluations from your team, a business unit, a department or the entire company on a single page, sorted topic by topic. 


Confidentiality is at the heart of how the Wittyfit platform works. The data is encrypted and aggregated at the team level to allow everyone to express themselves freely.

Soft Skills assessment

Compare your impression of your soft skills with that of your team and the company. This feature allows you to measure and develop human skills.

Managerial transformation platform: recurring questions

The classic management model has changed over the years and what is expected from a manager has also evolved. Today’s manager must have strong human skills such as confidence, creativity and agility. Managers are the driving force behind employee engagement. Bad managerial practices have the power to negatively impact your organisation. Thanks to the managerial transformation platform, you can take care of change management smoothly.

Each company employee has their own dedicated access. The tool comes in the form of SaaS software, for use on a computer, and also in the form of an application for smartphones. Different levels of accessibility are available depending on the hierarchical level in the company.

The Wittyfit solution is implemented gradually!

  • We speak with your company several times to get a precise picture of your expectations and issues
  • We create your personalised tool, adapted to your needs
  • We train the HR department in the use of the solution
  • Human resources in turn train management and employees in the use of the application.

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Wittyfit is the only human factors management platform for business.

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