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Our support for steering the HR transformation

70% of transformation programs fail

At issue is the human factor, which is largely forgotten but nevertheless decisive.

Wittyfit supports you and gives you a real-time view of the feelings of employees at each stage of your transformation, in order to act quickly to resolve sticking points. 

Wittyfit is a real HR support tool at the service of your transformation.


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A HR support platform to enable concrete actions

Wittyfit is a collaborative platform that allows the company to grow. Used by the HR department, management, managers and employees, Wittyfit plays an active role in the development of your organisation on the human level. The support tool carries out diagnostics by surveying employees on their level of well-being at work, stress, engagement, etc. In addition to measurements, Wittyfit makes it possible to make proposals for improvement and transform them into shared action plans. Each action is evaluated at its conclusion, an iterative process that makes it possible to find solutions best suited to the team’s experience together.

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 “Wittyfit allowed us to reduce stress by 10% and increase job satisfaction by 7%.”

Valérie Cotro, HR Director, Botanic

Carry out diagnostics on the human impact of your transformation

In order to reinvent itself, a company needs to understand the obstacles and the levers of engagement within its teams.

Founded on human sciences and medicine, Wittyfit supports you by allowing you to carry out reliable analysis in order to act on what really matters.

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Transformation is not possible without participation

Your employees are the people best placed to make suggestions for improvement. They can do this, at any time and privacely, via their personal Wittyfit area. By expressing themselves regularly, employees become drivers of their own QWL and the transformation of the company.

The manager, your representative for change on the ground

The manager promotes the expression of needs and expectations and brings the proposals of the team to life via their dedicated interface. Together, they build the action plans necessary for collective performance. The closest person to ground level, the manager is the vector for transformation.

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We are by your side

To capture the feelings of your teams and give managers the best possible guidance during this challenging period. Wittyfit supports you with a solidarity offer of 3 free months, contact our experts to see how the platform can adapt to your HR challenges.

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Wittyfit features include

HR dashboard

Continuous visibility on the main indicators related to your human resources. The platform offers you a global view of your team's quality of working life and alerts you to weak signals.

HR support plan

Launch targeted, automatically assessed improvement actions and access all the actions that have had a positive effect by theme. A tool that allows you to monitor and adapt your strategy.

Idea box

View proposals from your employees sorted according to the themes in the questionnaires and their popularity with their colleagues (number of "likes"). The collaborative platform comes into its own.

Pulse Surveys

Create tailor-made surveys to get quick answers, set up an action plan or get collective feedback on a HR topic. The transformation comes from within!

QWL diagnosis

Thanks to feelings being continuously captured, you have accurate information to act on. Satisfaction, stress: identify the risks and levers of engagement.

Forum managers

Exchange and anonymously share your best practices with the entire management community of the company.

Promote exchange and sharing of experiences.

Manager toolbox

Find all the evaluations from your team, a business unit, a department or the entire company on a single page, sorted topic by topic.


Confidentiality is at the heart of how the Wittyfit platform works. The data is encrypted and aggregated at the team level to allow everyone to express themselves freely.

Soft Skills assessment

Compare your impression of your soft skills with that of your team and the company. This feature allows you to measure and develop human skills.

HR support platform: recurring questions

Your human capital is important and it is crucial to take care of it. Whether your organisation has a problem with employee loyalty, development of well-being at work or efficiency from a management point of view, Wittyfit will be a true ally in listening to your employees and monitoring your HR performance as well as implementing concrete initiatives.

The platform can be used on a computer, in the form of SaaS software, but also on a smartphone, as a mobile application. It can therefore adapt to any type of use and requirement. Your teams can record their feelings on their phone in seconds, for example, while human resources can create an online survey and analyse the results from their computer.

Because each company is unique, before setting up the platform you will have several preliminary meetings with your Wittyfit advisor, in order to clearly identify your needs and adapt the tool to your issues. We then train the HR department on the solution so that it can gradually educate managers and employees to use it.

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Wittyfit is the only human factors management platform for business.

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