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With Wittyfit, each manager can visualise the topics that impact their team, both positively and negatively. They can then act based on the reality on the ground and sustainably improve collective performance.

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Wittyfit focuses managers on the state of well-being within their teams. Job satisfaction, stress, engagement, etc. Wittyfit captures the real feelings of employees and identifies positive points as well as everyday frustrations. Each manager has dedicated access from their phone and computer.

The team’s key information is summarised in a dashboard: feelings, weak signals, employee ideas and levers of engagement. Human data which guides managers in their priorities.

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Wittyfit, managerial steering platform 

A dashboard to make sure you keep track of the essentials. A toolbox for daily inspiration and effective action.

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Idea box

All the ideas put forward by employees are visible and easy to act on.


The solution integrates predefined advice developed with university hospitals. Advice can be supplemented and adapted to the context of the company.

Soft Skills

Managers can self-assess their soft skills and at the same time view perceptions among their teams. The objective is for managers to identify their strengths as well as their opportunities for improvement in order to develop within their role.

Forum Manager

This space provides an opportunity to discuss and ask questions on managerial subjects and to capitalise on the experience of the Wittyfit managerial community.

Improve collective performance

The Wittyfit platform is collaborative, it measures and assesses feelings to allow everyone to become aware of what matters and take action accordingly. When weak signals are detected, employees are invited to privacely make suggestions for improvement. A host of ideas that managers can transform via the platform into shared action plans, monitored and evaluated in the long term.

From theory to practice in a single click

Weak signals are continuously identified on the platform. Each idea can be transformed into an action by the manager and evaluated by the team upon completion.

Facilitate remote management (and much more)

Remote working is developing, and with it the need to develop the organisation and management of work. Wittyfit offers tailor-made indicators to best support managers in their transformation challenges.

A Remote Working Experience Indicator makes it possible to concretely assess the impact of remote working in the company and to adapt this method of work at the level of the organisation, business unit or team.

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