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Improving QWL means investing in people. Believe in their potential, help them grow, and involve them in the company’s growth. An approach that rewards both the employee and the company by generating engagement and performance. The key is reduced absenteeism and staff turnover.

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Create the conditions for engagement

While the notion of employee engagement is often cited as the holy grail in business, few work on the levers actually necessary to achieve it. Engagement has to be built. Wittyfit surveys the entire company on all the components of job satisfaction: meaning, values, recognition, work organisation, work-life balance, etc. A collaborative and iterative approach that makes everyone a part of the collective success.

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QWL approach and sustainable performance

Improving QWL means giving employees the means to carry out their mission and achieve their potential. An approach that means the employee and the company grow on a daily basis. Much more than a simple barometer, the platform promotes the expression of needs and expectations and brings team’s proposals to life.

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Put people at the heart of your transformation

Your teams are in the best position to contribute their ideas and transform the organisation. With Wittyfit you can capture, measure, analyse, test… and adjust continuously!

A table provides a granular reading of feelings: overall, by team, business unit, geographic area, etc. This visualisation puts your company’s Human Data into perspective so that you can take action as quickly as possible.

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