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With Wittyfit, employees assess their level of satisfaction and well-being at work in order to take action on what really matters. By expressing their feelings and ideas, they are actors in their quality of working life. 

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Measure to improve

Each employee carries out their self-diagnosis and becomes aware of their state of well-being. Job satisfaction, stress, motivation, etc. Wittyfit starts from feelings and, through the questions, identifies the factors generating well-being and dissatisfaction at work. The platform can be accessed from their phone or computer, at any time.

A dashboard summarises the essentials: satisfaction assessment, negative points, alarm signals, and individual and collective ideas.

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Express yourself to flourish

Change comes above all from yourself and your readiness to act! Quality of working life is built together. On the one hand, the company has a moral responsibility to provide the employee with the means to carry out their mission and achieve their potential. On the other hand, the employee is the protagonist of their own well-being at work, they express their needs, expectations, frustrations and ideas. Resolutely focused on action, Wittyfit makes listening active. In a few clicks, the employee contributes ideas that can be liked by the team and transformed into an action plan through the tool.

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Occupational health and economic health are closely linked 

A satisfied employee is more productive, creative and invested. They are an employee who makes the company grow. Continuously capturing the feelings within teams ensures alignment between the business plan and the employee’s vision. It also identifies weak signals of overload at work, lack of recognition, stress and burnout to prevent Psychosocial Risks (PSRs). A twofold challenge for the company, offering a better work experience to the employee on the one hand, and on the other reducing costs caused by absenteeism and staff turnover.

An occupational health module created with the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital allows employees to gain awareness of their stress levels and offers personalised advice.

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