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Frequently Asked Questions

Because it is impossible to talk to all of your employees and understand how they experience their jobs on a daily basis! It all depends on the individual companies, but in general, the tool comes into its own with workforces of more than 75 people.

Wittyfit wanted to work with the leading experts in occupational health. Our measurement method is based on medical practices and uses a VAS system – Visual Analogue Scale – in order to remove any cognitive bias when capturing feelings. This unique approach allows us to obtain extremely reliable data and to be able to identify the root causes of high or low levels of well-being at work.

All identifying data is immediately encrypted at source and is not stored by Wittyfit. In order to guarantee total anonymity, user results are aggregated at the team level and are only visible when 5 or more people have responded. In addition, the databases are stored with an approved healthcare data host that meets security, traceability and confidentiality standards.