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How to reduce stress by increasing satisfaction

“Trade, yes, but not at any price,” far from the clichés in the world of agriculture, Botanic decided, before everyone else, to bet on sustainable development. Founded in 1995, Botanic is a family-owned gardening company that has nothing to envy to the growth of its less responsible competitors.

By 2020, Botanic has more than 2,000 employees, 80% of whom share its values and fight for better management of natural and human resources.

In 2008, the company stopped selling pesticides and chemical fertilizers, an expensive but important move in the search for meaning for its employees. It was in this co-construction process, the “Well at Botanic” program, that Valérie Cotro, Botanic’s HR director, called Wittyfit.


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“Our programme aims to improve the living and working conditions of our employees, we wanted to make Botanic a breeding ground for professional and personal development”she explains. To achieve this, the manager and his teams relationship needed to change. “We train managers to use calm as opposed to pressure. In addition, we help employees take care of their health through concrete actions.”

Wittyfit is today at the centre of this strategy. The platform collects and analyzes data from all of our employees. This is the best way to build a clear vision of our employees real satisfaction and be able to act accordingly.. In practical terms, Botanic can finally control human subjects very precisely (engagement, QWL, stress) which impact teams on a day-to-day basis and act collaboratively. Wittyfit is our best ally to continuously improve the daily lives of our employees!

Wittyfit has allowed us to reduce stress by 10% and increase job satisfaction by 7%.

Valerie Cotro – HRD – Botanic

“The tool has been praised by the entire managerial line, from general management to store managers.” Following the first campaign, The HR team has collected more than 385 improvement ideas and plans to extend Wittyfit’s usage to more than 220 new users..

Thanks to the use of the tool, the company is now able to demonstrate the impact of its new HR practices. The “Well at Botanic” programme 10% reduction in stress across all teams and a 7%increase in job satisfaction. This is an oustanding result for a company working on a sustainable model. It makes sense with our core values.

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