Crise du Coronavirus, pourquoi tout se joue maintenant ?

One in two people in the world is currently confined. Invited into our lives for only a few weeks, the Coronavirus upsets everything and pushes us to our limits. We are in observation, of ourselves, of others, of this before and this now.

In this unprecedented world war, we are not going on a level playing field. In France, we are extremely fortunate to have a well-functioning and universal health care system. In terms of health, we are privileged. At work, disparities and inequalities are numerous, between those who have to work (almost) as before, those who remote-work, those who experience partial or technical unemployment. Some have too short days, between work at home and homework, others find them very long Is it better to juggle between visio conference and school … or to be one of those who are non-stop connected to work? Every population suffers. Will we know new kinds of burn-out and bore-out ?

Let’s face it first

France resists, organizes, adapts, but the trauma is there. We’re on the wire. It’s all about now. It is essential to maintain the link with its teams, to be attentive, to face their doubts about this present and the future of the company.

Ask your team to speak now so as not to explode afterwards. Communication must not be interrupted. In these hard times, we expect transparency and clear messages from the company. But also, that employees express themselves regularly and do not remain isolated. A process that requires time, the time necessary for diagnosis because without it, how could we move forward?

Then mobilize

The shock should not paralyze the company for too long. Now is the right time to preapre for the post-crisis. We must succeed in getting back on the move, individually and collectively. Align to rebuild, together. Yet it is not easy to unite its troops in an uncertain context. The health war is not yet over as we are already fighting the second. The economic war will be long and devastating. It will then be necessary to rely on our talents, without exhausting them.

“Perhaps it is ultimately our universal disability that will allow a real surge, the impetus to our deep and true transformation.” Maud Balayé

Reinventing ourselves at last

Many things have changed in these turbulent times, our human relations, our daily life, our relationship to work, our key priorities. We can’t pick up where we left off. Our freedom will first be conditional. We’ll have to get back to some of our habits and get rid of others.

This period has generated good with new modes of collaboration based on confidence, autonomy and mutual aid. What will be left of it? Will we be able to capitalise on these new practices?

Will this forced retreat be our tipping point? Long before, the arrival of the virus, we were already on alert, in search of meaning. In France and beyond.

Perhaps it is ultimately our universal disability that will allow for a real burst, the impetus necessary for our deep and true transformation.