Accompanying managerial innovation

66% of your employees are thinking about leaving you

At issue: inadequate management! With Wittyfit, your managers are better equipped to face daily HR challenges and progress in their management practices. A dashboard allows them to identify and deal with human issues continuously.

See your team's satisfaction in real time

Wittyfit allows you to visualize the priorities of its teams and to resolve them collaboratively. Wittyfit is the only tool that uses scientific technology to capture the real feelings of collaborators and identify the root causes.

Wittyfit has allowed us to reduce stress by 10% and increase job satisfaction by 7%.

Valerie Cotro – HRD – Botanic

Develop your managers' soft-skills

Companies compete to recruit and retain managers. Training is part of the challenge. Ability to listen, ability to collaborate and unite, to adapt … Soft skills have become highly strategic for the company. Wittyfit allows the manager to work on his soft skills and to transform his managerial practices in a sustainable way.

Help your managers become leaders

More animator of a collective than Chef, the role of the manager is changing. The Wittyfit platform meets the needs of these new leaders. It makes the continuous link between teams and management. It includes in real time: the social climate, all the ideas put forward, the actions to prioritize and the evolution of satisfaction indicators over time.

WITTYFIT is also

An idea box

View proposals from your employees sorted by themes and popularity (number of “likes”).

Pulse survey editor

Create customised surveys to explore your themes, prepare changes or simply interact with your team.

Managers Forum

Share and exchange your best practices anonymously with the entire management community.


Wittyfit contains a set of measures to guarantee the confidentiality of each user with regards to his company as well as Wittyfit.

Action planner

Launch targeted improvement actions that are automatically evaluated and access all actions, by theme, that have a positive effect.

Psychosocial Risk Document

Edit your PSR Document at any time. You can also target a functional unit, specific site or any other population of your choice.

Managers' toolbox

See all your team’s evaluations, ideas and actions on the same page, theme by theme.

Evaluation of Soft Skills

Compare your Soft Skills own vision with your team’s and the company’s.

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