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WITTYFIT is a SaaS platform that allows you to measure, analyse and, above all, improve the job satisfaction of your employees. It helps you understand engagement levers but also the irritant factors for your teams so that you can act on what matters. Really.

WITTYFIT is a toolbox that helps you with QWL issues, management practices and stress/psychosocial risk prevention.

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WITTYFIT is the result of a public-private partnership with the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand (CHU), a centre of expertise in occupational health and stress. In their personal area, the employee assesses their job satisfaction and stress levels. The science behind the tool makes the measurement extremely reliable. For each main indicator, the employee first gives their general perception. The tool then makes it possible to identify the causes of this “state of being”, through questionnaires based on scientific research.


in real time

WITTYFIT offers an accurate diagnosis of QWL and the level of engagement of your employees. The tool provides both a macro view of the entire organization and a micro view with the ability to filter data by operational divisions, geographical areas, etc.

Our team of experts will assist you in taking control of the tool and analysing your data.

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Our platform allows everyone to express themselves on a continuous basis. By sharing their point of view and making their proposals for improvement, employees participate in the transformation process. In this way, they become a true participant in the success of the company.
Their ideas can be “liked” by other members of the team and transformed into action plans by their Manager.


the impact of actions

In a process of continuous improvement, each action, once concluded, is reassessed. This “test and learn” method is used to measure the effectiveness of a small-scale project and to make it grow by taking corrective action. An iterative and collaborative approach that builds trust and confidence in innovation.


Changing the status quo. Together.

WITTYFIT makes your transformation a company project. By expressing themselves freely, employees share their perceptions at each key moment in the life of the organisation. In this way they contribute to the improvement of their own employee experience and get involved in the collective performance. Managers are vehicles for transformation. They play the central role of “leader-coach” in their teams.

Beyond the tool, our HR strategy and transformation experts help you to evolve your management practices.

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